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I went to sleep at  2:30 last night, obsessing over chapter 11.  Amber, my 15 year old Golden Retriever decides at 4:30 she HAS to go out.  She yelp/barks when she wants to do this, and she's very persistant.  I fussed at hubby and he finally got out of bed, but he couldn't get her to come in.  Evenutally, I had to get up anyway, and get her in, and by that time, I was wide awake.

Probably a good thing, though.  I was having the weirdest dream about InuYasha, Sesshoumaru and a Kagome who had been enchanted into a large dog. 

Then, about 6:30 I finally go back to bed.  Hubby, of course, was sleeping smack in the middle of the bed (no doubt in revenge for my kicking him out for the dog), but I finally get him to make room and passed out.  At 10:30, I heard him talking about his cpap machine not working.  I got out of bed, walked into the computer room, and found out we had no electricity. 

It came back on after 11.  Fine.  I get ready to start answering my mails, when the power blinks back out.

Meanwhile, hubby has upgraded his firewall software.

When the power gets back up, the software isn't working right.

In between several power blinks, I manage to scan his hd, defrag his hard drive, and eventually just reinstalled his firewall.

I still haven't gotten back to ATE.  But I did get to read a bit in my book on Jack the Ripper, and that was nice.

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