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Unfun nights and achy days, but still....

My knee started hurting yesterday evening.

Don''t know exaclty why.  I have two very small bruises on it.  It  kept waking me up.  Big pain.  I don't stomach prescription level doses of NSAIDS well, but way about 3 am the body said, take something or go to the ER, so I did. 

Still hurts, but not screaming.

Tonight we have our annual National Wild Turkey Federation chapter banquet.  Hubby's part of the banquet committee, and has worked hard, and made some good friends.  It's nice seeing him have some buddies besides his friends online.  We also paid a lot of money for this banquet (it's a fundraiser), buying sponsorship level tickets and me a membership to an outdoor women's organization.  So even if I have to wrap this boogering knee in ace bandages from hip to ankle, and hobble in on a walking stick or crutches, I'm making this dinner.  Maybe I can get a nap...

and hopefully I can get by on topicals and compression and tylenol without any more naproxen...but chapter 11 goes on least some....
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