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Entanglements with Sesshoumaru, Rin, and Alterfano

One of my favorite minor characters from  Inuyasha is Rin.

I have fears for her coming of age, being raised by Youkai  bachelors, and her ending up as sort of a human  hanyou,  not really fitting in to human or youkai society.

Alterfano has been exploring this same thing in some of her fictions.  We were discussing Entangled which is a great fiction piece exploring the outcome of this, and we, feeling saddened, I think, for the outcome of what might be, created the following haiku series: (my haiku in bold, hers in Italics.

A cherry blossom
Watched calmly by amber eyes
Falls at last to earth.

/Pink blushing petals/
/Crushed brown by neglect,/
/Choose dissolution.

Blossom unfathomed
Kensho like lightning crashes
Swordsharp flower drops
/Whispers in the mist/
/Seeking to know the flower/
/Tell the tale to all/

It will make a lot more sense if you read the story.

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