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Some spoilerage for chap 547

From Patches

Some of this person's grammar was difficult to parse, so this may not be entirely accurate in details.
Meidou Zangetsuha was nurtured by Sesshoumaru with Tenseiga, a "sword that does not cut", and dispatched an enemy through a giant
Meidou, befitting Sesshoumaru's disposition.  With Inuyasha using it, it means that Inuyasha, the sword, and the technique have become one.  That and Tessaiga is a sword that can cut.
Naraku took damage from Inuyasha's attack, and temporarily restores his body.  To break free from spider web-like tentacles, and the fate with the Shikon no Tama, Inuysha fires another Meidou Zangetsuha.  Sesshoumaru backs him up with Bakusaiga, and Naraku's body begins to crumble from the outside.  Cracks begin to appear in Byakuya's body as well.
Inuyasha: "Naraku!  You can... no longer regenerate."
Naraku: 'I told you Inuyasha... even if I am destroyed, the Shikon no Tama will not disappear...'

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