knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Two Poems

Both of these are Japanese inspired, and were actually written for two different characters in Evil In Men's Hearts.

Autumn evening falls
and there among the wild pinks
and in the kudzu,
I ask what he thinks,
the little insect chirping.

In the bush clover
they gather to sing their song,
In the pampas grass
they call there so long,
in the ague weed sweetly.

Throughout the twilight
dancing in the bellflower,
in the golden lace
singing the hour
As the darkness gathers in.

And yet their chirping
will pale into the background
when my eye sees you
a flash of light found
firefly silent in the night.

(The plants mentioned,  Wild Pink, Kudzu, Bush Clover, Ague Weed, Pampas Grass, Chinese Bellflower and Golden Lace are the 7 autumn grasses, a seasonal symbol.  I was having fun.  I don't care a whole lot if nobody catches the nuancing.  I enjoyed the challenge!)

The second one is much sadder, and written particularly for a character who is grieving a lost love - (definitely not my sorrow.)

I wait anxiously,
sleep escapes me now tonight,
In that place between
true peace and tomorrow's light,
caught by the full moon,
my mind drifts off into a daze.
Your voice touches me --
memory of all the ways
you wounded my heart.

My pillow listens
as I long for you to be
here beside me now,
my words poured out hopelessly--
how wet are my sleeves
from the tears that fall tonight
beneath the cold moon
my heart shattered in its light
until you return.
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