knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Poem: I Heard the Seagulls

This piece is kind of hybrid.  It's inspired by a couple of lines from a Japanese folk song, but it's not really a paraphrase.  It uses a combination of 5 and7 syllable lines, but there is intentional rhyme it it, too.  Don't know what to call it.  This may end up, at some point, in ATE, but not yet.

I heard the seagulls,
I heard the seagulls crying,
I heard them calling
As I walked the winding road,

Looking up I saw
White snow upon the mountain,
Tall the white mountain
The land of the cold country.

Beyond the mountain,
Past the cold country so white,
My love waits by night
By the seashore just for me.
Tags: poem

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