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The Awakening

So I went crazy and wrote a mock heroic retelling of  InuYasha coming out of his Youkai haze to save Kagome.  Shoot me, already.  Snark is at fault, no doubt.  Spoilers for chapts. 538-539

I did write half the next chapter of ATE, though.  Some things are more than snarks.  Or even boojums.

Out of the blood red fog it came,
A scent, a memory, a cherished name
Piercing the spell-bound heart inside,
His aching soul that keened and cried
Over beloved blood he spilled,
Beloved one he thought he killed --
His grief did give the spider joy,
And left his form to be a toy.

And yet he knew that scent and voice --
A light within bloomed to rejoice,
The spider's webs began to shred.
He heard her voice – she was not dead!
He caught her as she tumbled down,
The spectre lurched, began to frown.
How could he break the spider's spell
That was to bring their souls to hell?

The lovers gazed there, eye to eye,
Red locked on gray, a soft-breathed sigh.
A sword would hold the spectre fast
As brother cut the chord at last
That would begin the spider's doom
As bright pink light began to bloom --
A stubborn, black-haired little lass
For love would kick Naraku's ass.
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