knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

One afternoon in late winter

O tempore! O Lord, love a duck
Frustrating morning, sinus headaches suck,
My imagination's kicking, but I've run out of luck
Everybody's pulling, and my husband just wants to pluck
me into the bright afternoon sunshine.

"Let's go out," he says  today
"And watch the animals down by the highway --
Five hundred antelope came down to play."
I stare at my laptop and say
"I wish my head would stop aching."

I stare forlornly  at my computer screen,
I've even been dreaming of the very next scene,
I know the actions, both sweet and mean
So why can't I just come clean
and tell them  to leave me alone to write?

Husbands and headaches and dogs and sun -
Everybody wants to spoil my fun -
Leave me alone!  Go out and run -
Stop digging in that box!  Not one more pun!
If you don't let me write, I'll explode!

Swords and sorcery! Words that dance!
Just let me slip off into that trance
I don't care about elk fleeing snow to prance -
I'm thinking of aura, and wand and lance -
But can I tell him with a smile?
Tags: life, poem
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