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The Evil Historian in Me Was Amused...

Someone wrote a review to my little short piece "The Way the World Works" questioning  my use of the Burakumin group in Japan.  I think the reviewer didn't know that the group existed, and that I had made it up, based on the untouchables in India. 

Now those I talk to regularly know that I am a compulsive historian and researcher.  Since I've started writing InuYasha fics I have developed a pretty big library of books and research materials, enough to fill up a 3 shelf book case.  I'm at the point I need a bigger bookcase.

So, I politely replied to the reviewer, with a general, but concise outline of the background of the history of these people from the 16th century to the modern era and a link to a good site to further her enlightenment.

I kind of was amused.   I really am a compulsive researcher.  In ATE, the bad guy comes from a village that really existed during the time that InuYasha is set in, he bears a family name that comes from that village,  there really was some fighting between the two clans mentioned involving that piece of territory (but not particularly his village),  we meet him going into a village that really existed and would become not a post town on the Nakasendo road, but near the crossroads to a secondary road, and he's going to a castle town that really existed and would be an important post town on that road after the Tokugawa shogunate was established and  daimyos would be traveling back and forth a lot, and the description of the road was based on a series of prints made during the 18th century.

Told you I was compulsive.
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