knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Think Pink

Dang, I can't believe I came up with this.

Think Pink
Paring: I/K
Rating: M
Genre: Crackfic
Wordcount:  463

"Ah, a blank screen!" said a three foot tall, neon pink anthropomorphic bunny. Pink the plotbunny stopped and looked around, sipped thoughfully on her cup of the Sake of Illumination.

"Pink. Think pink," Pink said.

Suddenly, Kagome stood there, wearing nothing but a translucent pink nighty. The blackhaired girl looked down at the sheer pink lace she was wearing, blushed a lovely dark rose, and said, "What are you doing, Pink?"

"Plotting," said the dayglow pink critter.

"I don't think this is the type of thing KK likes to write," noted the girl.

"Tough. Who says I only plot for her? Maybe I'll give it to Roxotaku or something. Maybe Nikkie," said the bunny. "It's my gig."

Kagome went "Hmph, " and turned her back, looking into the blank whiteness of the screen.

Suddenly, there was a soft poof, and a shirtless InuYasha popped into the white, wearing nothing but his red hakama and a growing rosy blush as he saw the scantily clad Kagome and the lovely view of her shapely bottom as she stood there angry about something. "'Gome..." he breathed. What?"

"It's that Pink!" she said. "Turn around and don't look! Or I'll ..."

"No, that just doesn't work." said Pink. "Maybe this."

Suddenly, Inu was laying over Kagome, one hand on either side of her supporting his weight, staring into her blue gray eyes.

"...say it?" squeaked Kagome.

A wanton smirk graced the hanyou's lips as his body awakened to the current situation. " You sure you wanna do that, Ka-go-me?" he said huskily, the tip of his nose nearly touching hers.

"Nope. Don't like that either," said Pink.

Suddenly, the two of them found themselves in a shower stall, hot steaming water trailing down their skin. Inu, in a moment of mindlessness, licked the stream of water trailing between Kagome's breasts, and a satisfying moan slipped out of her mouth. She looked down at the two of them, seeing a trail of white hair pointing down to something that was busy poking her in the thigh.

"Inu, where's your hakama?" she asked, pantingly..

'Hmm..." he said, assaulting her neck. "Probably the same place your pink thingie went."

"Hmmm..." said the bunny. "I just don't know...."

InuYasha turned his head, looking at the plotbunny. "Don't say it, Pink."


Inu's eyes began to grow a bit, make that red.

"But it just doesn't have the look...." muttered the plotbunny.

InuYasha gave Kagome a long, hard kiss. "Stay right here. Don't move." A wet and naked and frustratedly aroused InuYasha dashed into the whiteness. "Sankontessu!" he yelled, as white youki lights headed towards the bunny, who swiftly bounced away.

Kagome slowly sank to the bottom of the shower stall. "Some days, it's really hard to be a character," she muttered.

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