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Writer's Block: I Made It Myself

What have you made using your own two hands?
(lots of pics behind the cut)

I am a seriously into crafts type person, so the answer is a whole lot.

I particularly like fiber arts. As my handle indicates, knitting is one of my special things. I particularly like to make socks. Why socks? Because they are a short and limited project, with many possibilities.

Here is a pic of some of my more utilitarian pieces: sock singles

Here is a pic of the hardest sock I ever knit. It's from a badly written pattern from 1845, and I keep thinking I'm going to adapt it and make it into a useful slipper pattern, but I haven't done it yet:

shoes and stocking sock

My youngest son's leg in a sock that I designed. I used to sell this as a pattern and this is one of the pics from the pattern sheet:

boot sock

Here is another sock knit to an historical pattern. It's a 1860s civil war pattern that circulated widely in the newspapers of the South. I got a pattern book and a magazine article out of this one:

civil war sock

But my heart is really into lace knitting. I have self-published two small books on historical lace trim and texture patterns. Here is one of my favorite pieces:

Alas, the last couple of years, I developed tendonitis in the base of my right thumb and arthritis in my index finger, and it has curtailed my knitting a great deal.

But it's still my favorite craft.
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