knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Adventures of Nikkie and KK: How it Began

First draft of story on how Nikkie and KK get into their mess
Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any characters created by  Rumiko Takahashi

How It Began

It all started, of course, because Nikkie is a sucker for ears. Lovely white triangular ears. InuYasha type ears.  

There we were, looking at her latest fantasy.

"Hey, Nikkie," says I.

"Yeah, KK?" says she.

"If Inu were here and seeing what you were doing to him,  you'd be lucky if he didn't Kaze no Kizu you, much less give you any ear time," says I.

She snickered.  "Let me type in this chant.  That'll be the perfect piece."

"You sure you want to?  You don't know where that chant's been," says I.  "Who gave it to you anyway?"

"Ha!  It was just that doofy guy doing Naraku cosplay," says Nikkie.  "And it wasn't even very good cosplay.  Did you hear him try to "Kukuku?"

"You mean you actually trust people you mean at a con?" says I.

Giggling, Nikkie hits save.

Suddenly, her computer flashes with the strangest light, which reaches up and engulfs the two of us.  We shriek as the room, the computer and everything but me and her seem to disappear.

""KK," says she.

"Yeah, Nikkie?" says I.

"I don't think we're at the hotel any more...."

She's right, of course.  Instead of the nice familiarity of the usual cookie cutter hotel room with it's stupid air conditioner and heavy drapes and plastic feeling bedspreads, we're in a gray place.  Can't see the ground, can't see anybody but Nikkie.

"Ooops...." says I, biting my lip, trying not to say "I told you so."

"You told me not to do it," she says, which saves me from my dilemma.

"So how do we get out of here and get back home?" says I.

A figure strides out of the shadows.

"Oi, what do we have here?  Fangirlz lost in the magic?" he says.  

"Don't eat me!" says I, hiding my face.

"Hardly," says the figure.

"Look, KK, he has ears!" says Nikkie.

I peak through my fingers.  I don't believe it.  The figure before us has wild green eyes and wild red hair, and two wonderful fox ears poking through the red mess. And a very familiar smirk.

"Dammit, Snark, where are we and how did we get here?"  says I.

"You know him?" asks Nikkie.

"Of course she does.  I'm the Snark Monster.  I'm the one who helps her write all that funny stuff you giggle over."

"You never told me he was hot," says Nikkie.

"I never got past the hair and ears and eyes," says I.  "I was always to busy typing to notice.  Aggressive, snarky muses can be like that you know."

"Hmpf," he says.

"Can I touch your ears?"  Nikkie asks.  Snark wiggles them enticingly.  She reaches up, touches the tip of one, and gets jolted.

"That wasn't very nice, Snark," says I.

He smirks.

"Ok," says Nikkie.  "So where are we,  how did we get here, and how do we get home?' she asks.

"You are in the realm between stories," says Snark.  "I don't know how you got here; must have been something you typed."

"That chant you put into your story, Nikkie," says I.

"Let me look," says Snark.  He blinks out of existence for a moment, then reappears.

"How'd you do that?"  I asked.

"Muse power," he replies. "Yep.  That was a bad thing, Nikkie.  You two are doomed to the realm between stories forever, unless....."

"Unless what?" asks Nikkie.

"Well, I could pop you into the story you were writing," he says, thinking.  "Maybe if you went there and got the Shikon no Tama away from InuYasha and Kagome, you could make a wish to go home."

"You want to put us into HER story?" says I, my voice rising to a screech.

"I can't put you into yours.  Yours is too serious.  You don't even let me peek.  That Fabio-clone who helps you write that fluff hates my guts."

I blush.

"You have multiple muses?" Nikkie asks.

"Yeah she does.  And they are all guys," says Snark.  "But none of the others are quite as cool as I," he smirks.

"Well, I guess we'll have to do it," Nikkie says. "What other choice do we have?"

"Cool.  Wait here a second," says Snark. He blinks out, then pops back, carrying a huge yellow backpack.

"Did you steal that from Kagome?" I ask.

"Who me?  Would I do such a thing?"

We both nod.

He does something, and it turns dayglow pink.  "Feel better now?"

"Oh, so 60s," I mutter, then nod.

Unzipping the back, he sys, "I give you some treasures for your journey."  First, he pulls two folding lounge chairs out of thin air, stuffs them in the bag.

"How did you do that?" Nikkie asks.

"Tardis technology," he says.  "Don't look like Tom Baker for nothing.  You'll need the chairs, take my word for it.  Now for another treasure."  He pulls out a sake set and  jug of sake.  "The sake of true enlightenment.  It never goes empty, but it can give you a nasty headache as part of your enlightenment.  Use carefully."  He stashes them in the bag.  He grabs a huge bowl from somewhere.  "The never ending bowl of popcorn.  Believe me, you will be needing this a lot."  He zips up the bag, hands it to me.  It weighs almost nothing.

"Oh, one more thing.  You gotta have a guide."  He reached wherever it is he's been getting these things from, and pulled out something as pink as the pack. He dumps it on the ground  Slowly it uncurls,  and shortly, standing before us is a waist high curly mopped pink bunny.

"What is that?"  Nikkie asks.

"A plot bunny," Snark says. "She'll get you through to the end.  I think."

"Of course I will," says the bunny.  She slowly opens one eye.  "Hi!  My name is Pink! Do you like popcorn?" she says.

"Well, that's taken care off.  Now go." says Snark.

Suddenly the ground underneath us turns into a hole.  We fall, land on the ground.  There  is a huge explosion and the sound of  trees falling.  Somewhere, a loud, angry male voice is yelling  "Kaze no Kizu!"

"Duck!" says I.  And we proceed to.

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