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The Continuing Adventures of Nikkie and KK: Go Fish

Crackfic. inuhanyounikkie and I amuse ourselves from time to time writing the adventures of Nikkie, KK and their intrepid sidekick Pink (who is, of course, a bright pink plotbunny), crazed fangirlz who wander through the Sengoku Jidai wreaking havoc on InuYasha and company.  This piece was the result of a challenge that Nikkie gave me, to use a InuYasha parody of the drunken sailor song in one of our adventures.

Go Fish

So there we were, me and Nikkie, sneaking up on the gang. It had been a long hard pull since our last misadventure, where Miroku had to come and exorcise everybody who had come in contact with the strange possession that had taken over Kikyou and Byakuya. It had taken him awhile, but once Sango had started to fantasize about what she could do with various and sundry leather instruments, Miroku had finally gotten off his duff and torn his eyes away from the results and got the last of the magics off everybody in the group.. The air was clean again, and whatever miasma that had once signalled the fact that Naraku ws in the area was now gone.

So, finding a decent place to camp, not too far from a hotspring and very close to a cold mountain stream, the merry band of misfits made camp.

As usual, Nikki and I, and our faithful partner in crime, the pink plotbunny known wide and far as Pink set up our lounge chairs, pulled out the never ending bowl of popcorn, and unstoppered the saki.

“Hey, Nikkie,” says I.

“Yeah, KK?” says she.

“Feels good to sit, don't it?” says I.

Pink rolls her eyes. “You know, I doubt if we walked a hundred yards today.”

“That's besides the point, Pink, my friend.” I say, sagely, wiggling my toes.

The campers seem to agree. InuYasha is sitting there, with his head in Kagome's lap, enjoying an ear job. Sesshoumaru and Kagura sit next to each other, pretending to be inscrutable, but anybody can feel the tension in the air between them. Rin runs around trying to catch butterflies and Shippou is contemplating what would happen if he jumped on InuYasha's middle.

Jaken lies alone, moaning.

"Why don't you go fishing, Inu-chan," Kagome asks sweetly. "If I have to eat another piece of popcorn, I'll think I'll scream."

We had run out of ramen the day before yesterday. InuYasha sighs, unwilling to move.

Pink the plotbunny looks at Kagome as if she were mad. "Impossible to eat too much popcorn," she says. Pink lives for popcorn.

"Speak for yourself," says Jaken, still moaning with a tummy ache. Jaken had tried to eat an entire never-ending bowl of popcorn himself. It was not a pretty sight.

"Poor Jaken," says Rin. "Would you like a flower?"

"Impudent ningen girl," says Jaken.

Sesshoumaru, staring deeply into Kagura's eyes, says, "Jaken, be silent. “Rin, go with Shippou to the meadow by the river. See how many yellow flowers you can find.”

“Yes!” says Jaken.

“Why me?” says Shippou.

“Have fun,” says I.

“I want some fish,” says Kagome.

"Fish would be nice," says Sango, polishing her boomerang.

"Don't wanna," says Inu. His eyes are closed, a silly blissful look on his face. She idly teases the tip of one of his ears.

"But I want some," says Kagome.

"So do I, " says Inu, his voice dropping huskily. It was obvious they were not talking about the same thing.

Kagome gets up in a huff, dumping InuYasha's head on the ground. "I want some fish," she says.

Sesshoumaru, sparks of youki flying, puts Kagura on his lap.

"But I don't wanna!" says Inu, standing up, rubbing the back of his head..

Sesshoumaru, ignoring the whining, licks Kagura on the neck.

"Want some popcorn?" says Pink, offering me the bowl.

I pass it to Nikkie. Kagome was right. We've been eating way too much popcorn.

"No more ears," says Kagome, "until I have some fish." She turns and gives Nikkie, who has been known to do the ear thing on the sly, the meanest and scariest of looks. "And don't you get any ideas, fangirl!"

Kagura closes her red eyes and moans as Sesshoumaru explores the neckline of her kimono. A small swirl of wind arises, circling the two of them.

"But Kagome...." says Inu.

"No buts," says Kagome.

"What do you do with a whiney Inu,
Whiney Inu, whiney Inu,
What do you do with a whiney Inu
Early in the morning...." sings Pink.

InuYasha gives Pink a nasty look, but at that moment, Kagome grabs his arm. “Go fish!”

Miroku stands up, trying to peel his eyes off of Sesshoumaru, who is busily exploring Kagura's collarbone. "I'll think I'll take a walk before Sango decides to hit me," he announces.

InuYasha moves closer to Kagome, and tries the puppy eyes. "But Kagome, I've got something better than a fish."

Kagome's eys begin to flash, in that fiery way only hers can shine. We all know the signs, and pull back, lest we be caught in the debris when it falls.

Kagura, eyes closed, moans.

"Stand him up and make him sit down,
Stand him up and make him sit down,
Stand him up and make him sit down
Early in the morning," sings Pink.

"Inu," says Kagome, in that sweet, dangerous voice.

Inu licks his lips.


"Brother," says Sesshoumaru. "Kindly keep your dust to yourself."


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