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Heros with Big Swords

Amazing how once upon a time, many years ago, there was a girl who fell in love with a character with a big sword.  She cut out pictures of him and pasted it on her Remington Office Manual typewriter and typed at 45 wpm stupid stories inspired by him.

That one was Conan.

Then there was a bit older woman who chased down another hero with a big sword.  Mostly, this hero was silver haired with albino eyes, and his sword was a true danger.  But sometimes he had different names.  But his weapon was always a danger, whether it was called Storm Bringer or was a needle gun.

Ah, my wondrous Eternal Champion.  How I chased down you stories over and over, haunting the bookstores for the latest.

I had short term flirtations with other heros.  A prince in amber.   Some were legendary, like Cuculain or Peredur or Roland.   Some historical but larger than life like Musashi.

But time passed on, and I traded my hero with the big sword for  an incredibly  good marriage, raising troubled teens,  and then an empty nest.
One day, another hero with a big sword knocked on my door.

He was dress all in  red, had long, long silver hair and amber eyes. He had the hugest sword propped up over one shoulder.

"Well, hello, " I said.

He blushed a  little - must have picked up on my big sword lust aura or something.

"Sorry.  I was looking for Kaede  the Miko,"   he said to me. 

I peeked out my door and saw the most interesting collection of people with him.  There was a pretty girl in a way too short school uniform,  another girl in a skin tight black suit with armour and a huge boomerang, a foxy looking little redheaded boy on the shoulder of someone that  looked like a buddhist monk (but I thought buddhist monks shaved their heads?).

"Hi," said the girl in the school uniform.  "Can we come in?"

Opening wide the door, I said, "Sure!  It's been a long time since I had friends like you."

And thus, I have found my latest Hero with a Big Sword.  Hope you enjoy his company as much as I do.
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