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Weird google translation of the day

I'm going to put this under a cut, cause it's actually a spoiler for ch 538.  It might even be legit.

 But VS天生kill a dog's fangs uncontrollably kill disadvantage in this world,

 But a close look at his dog down Kagome go to the rescue

犬 VS殺生しかし天生牙はこの世のもの切れず殺生不利、

I think I've included the Japanese as well, but this computer doesn't read the characters.

I am having a weird time trying to figure out the first sentence.  Not so much funny as weird.

UPDATE: some kindly person translated it for me.  Since it is a spoiler now for sure, it's under the cut.

Inu fights Sess but tenseiga can't cut something that belongs in this world so Sess is at a disadvantage, however when Kagome who was watching nearby falls Inu goes to save her.  

- Thank you, Dangerous Angel Face, wherever you are!

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