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Prosody and Panic


Meaning, placement, sound and sight,
eye appeal and heart's delight,
dancing letters come to play,
round the globe and here to stay.
nuance, shape, alliteration,
assonance and concentration,
thoughts may scurry if you turn on the light,
but don't let them frighten you in the night....


Having a husband who has been off his serotonin uptake inhibitor for 4 days (he forgot to pack it in his daily pillbox), a messy house, 2 hours sleep, mild depression and the desire to go hide somewhere and plot the story that's forming in the back of my head (even if it only comes out in poetry snippets and short chunks). where do I start? Maybe by remembering to put my rice cooker from warm to cook?

A heavy dose of Shikan-taza might be useful, if I could find a place to put the cushion down and not get harrassed by the dogs and avoid falling a sleep. I can see it would be useful to get centered.
Tags: panic

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