knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

InuHanyou Nikkie made me do it.

The challenge:

"Hey, KK!" says she.

"Yeah, Nikkie?" says I.

"I offer you a challenge... Byakuya's punishment... in poem form him tweezing Naraku's eyebrows..." says she.

Oh yeah?" says I.

Snark says, "Oh yeah, let me play!"

"You sure?" says I.

"Oh yeah," says he.

And this he made me write:

Byakuya of the Tweezers

Oh, look at how he wiggles
whenever I come near
tweezers in my hand,
his eyes so full of fear.
Oh yes, he makes me do it,
because he wants to be
the most bishounen of the youkais --
but the pain wants him to flee

You think that he would eat me
the way I make him scream
with tweezers, wax and sugar
to chase his hairless dream.
My crane is at the ready
to fly me far away
if he ever ever learns
I look forward to this day!

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