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The way it goes....

So there I am, writing a very intense scene, one I'm not comfortable about writing anyway, one that takes for me really deep visualization.  I have to fall into the mental picture to write it.

So oldest doggie decides on the whine, whine, whine yip routine that means she demands more food and is going to refuse to eat kibbles ever again.  I'm plugged into a jpop anime music station on live 365.  It's a little loud, good at drowning many things, but not whining dog. So I close the file, deal with dog.

Getting brave a little later, hubby comes in from taking a shower to stand in front of the small portable heater. I close file. Pleasant distraction involving pats, gentle pettings, and affectionate little kisses.

A bit past that, hubby is fiddling everywhere.  He can't find his appointment time for the dentist tomorrow.  Still I try to write  I get the itchies.  The dryer goes off. He comes in, obviously agitated; the clothes aren't dry yet.  He comes to tell me the clothes aren't dry, he'll finish drying them in the morning.  I'm really tranced out at this time.  The interrruption actually hurts.  Why is he telling me this?  Is he being passive aggressively wishing I'd finish the clothes?  Is he anxious about going to the dentist tomorrow? Is he just feeling lonely?


It's only cause I'm tense about what I'm writing, I'm sure.  The writing Kamis are trying to tell me to stop writing ATE and get back to EIMH.  But my muse is being hard headed.
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