knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

The joys of proofreading...

In case you actually want to see a clean copy of After the End, I proofed it today and it's posted over at  MM or FF or ED

And why did I do such an unnatural act?

It's the IYFG nominations period.

I want to thank Mage Delbene, roxotaku, and doggieearlover for nominations!

Maggie nominated Evil in Men's Hearts for
Best Drama
Best Action/Adventure
Best Original Character

And she also nominated my short piece Scared for Best Vignette

(special thanks for all the encouragement, listening to me ramble, and kitsune thoughts from you!)

roxotoku norminated my poem Shiver, Woman, Shiver for best poem (and no, Snark Monster, it can't be nominated under your name, nor if it wins an award, can you give it to Lyris just because. ;)   You only gave me the punch line, not the whole poem...LOL.)

doggieearlover nominated After the End  for best Inu/Kag (high praise for such a young piece, and I appreciate it!  But this is why I had to spend all morning proofreading ;)  Glad I did.  Chapter 3 was in need of several touches, including the disclaimer line!)

EIMH, ATE, Scared, and Shiver, Woman, Shiver are all the works I have eligible this quarter.  Everything else I wrote was snark! (or not IY).  But the snark was worth every giggle.

And thanks again, friends. 
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