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Today my Grandma passed on...

I'm still playing with that reality. I didn't even know she was sick, since I tend to be at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to keeping people updated about family health issues. Not done on purpose, just the way our family, sprawled out across the nation, is.

She was a hard headed fiesty woman in a lot of ways. I am told I take after her. I certainly look a lot like her. I owe her a lot. It was she who encouraged me to fall in love with history at the ripe age of 7 by giving me just the right books. Her house was filled with books, and from being around her I learned the joy of being a news junkie.

Her life was no bed of roses. My great-grandma was flaky woman who tended to run after men, and my grandma was the fruit of that tendency. She was moved around so many times as a child that once she moved into her house, nobody was going to budge her from in. She lived in that house 50 years.

She never had to leave it. She passed away while my uncle and dad were scheming how they were going to move her into a nursing home.

I will miss her a lot.
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