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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions have me in stitches -
O can I, can I scratch where it itches?

I promise to begin to put things away --
   But will I be able to find them at the end of the day?

I promise to read less for fun to while away the time
   (But how can I resist sweet lemon and lime?)

I promise to write more, each day that goes by
   (But the internet tempts me so much I could cry!)

I promise to go walking each day for a break -
  (But it's windy and cold and this story's hot, for pity's sake)

I promise to smile when he interrupts when I'm busy -
  (But the drama queen in my heart wants to pout 'till I'm dizzy.)

I promise to avoid Border's Books to scratch that bookbuying itch
 (but Amazon is waiting - and has books in my niche!)

New Year's Resolutions have me in stitches -
I cannot, cannot scratch where it itches.

Tags: snark poem

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