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Life, insomnia, and all that....

2 hours sleep. Woke up wide awake.

Father made it through his angioplasty well.

Hubby, on the other hand, had some sort of blood pressure spike yesterday while at work out in Utah. He forgot to take a key medication and is coming home today if he can.

Bought some voice recognition software yesterday. I'm looking forward to playing with that on the new computer. Not going to waste my time putting it on this walking wounded system I use.

New computer will have 2 gig ram. I am looking forward to that.

I've been buying a lot of music lately...a weird mix of stuff. Cream. The Police. Nickelback. Genesis. Red. Gonna drive my hubby crazy. He likes 60s mostly. And blue grass. For a long time I was content with Celtic music and 80s technopop, and some 70s stuff (I've been out of my age demographic for music a long time - I was in my tweens in the late 60s.)

Music I'm craving is edgy, and my beloved 80s stuff (I have quite a collection of compilation 80s cds) isn't cutting it for the most part.

Funny how those things work. Sometimes I wonder what the young clerks think when this obvious grandma aged woman's buying some of this stuff....

This is going to go down as a weird summer...
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