knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

May Your Christmas.....

May your Christmas start off better than mine!

managed to roll over in bed and pull something in my leg.  Thought it was a charlie horse, but instead, I've pulled something.  Then my dogs stampeded me, limping and griping into the kitchen to give them biscuits and let them out..  They come back in, and one decides to spit up. 

So here I am, sitting with an achy leg swathed in tall socks for compression and legwarmers for extra warmth, surrounded by sleeping dogs, listening to alternative rock while hubby is at church (he can't stand this type of music, but it fits my mood) wondering if my tummy's well enough to handle some Ibuprofen (it's not), and wondering if there are any drugstores near here open.

I am grateful, though, that I have nobody coming, so that if this happened today, it's not going to be a family disaster.  Yay!  And although it's quite cold, it's sunny.  Yay!  And that my house is nice and warm.  Yay!  And I have good coffee to drink!  Yay!  And a fast internet connection!  Yay!  And friends that put up with me (I think!)  Yay!

For those who like that sort of thing, here's a Christmas poem

like a candle in the darkness,
like hope in despair,
like touch to the lonely,
like water to a thirst,
like a starry night
filled with angels singing.

like the mysterious light
filling a tomb
to shatter finally
the hold of the darkness.

The gift of light,
first among all the gifts,
a love song of God,
a love story,
a baby's cry in the night
announcing Emmanuel,
God with us.
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