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A Tale of Ever After

Chapter 97 is up!

Now interestingly, I started this story about a year ago for Nanowrimo.  I believe I wrote about 58k last November for the story, and started posting it in December.  It really was a last minute thing.  I was busy doing politics on Google+, but all those writers doing the Nanowrimo got  my itch going, and I decided to go with InuYasha rather than an original piece.  Now it's 12 months later, and with today's entry, I'm at 210,151 words and the story covers 13 days so far.

This year's Nanowrimo is going to be more TEA. - a whole new arc. One day, I'll get to their first New Moon, 11 days of story time ahead.  I might take a break after that.  Maybe.  I've kind of gotten addicted myself.
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