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Googling Japanese (Manga Spoiler Fun)

What fun!

Google Translation of the Ch.2 spoiler:


Kagome matter of remembering specter is broken, we will be返TTA dog夜叉their fingernails to the smell of blood-stained Kagome and

That夜叉dog, a woman rather than protect, and Kagome桔梗MOKI you weak hearts of the victims, said pit of darkness

Kagome also the hearts of people forget the joy of the game to rip up only known, it is the soul of four balls you want.

-- I continued pit of darkness.

dog was again the specter of these

Kagome to近寄ROU and ward off the specter cruelty round.

Kagome woke up, walk away with a kill to go round

Maitreya and coral, the trap room tentacle attack, had been separated

Inbound bone dropped, the loss of coral attacks surgery again tentacle approach.

Maitreya is a possible new approach to opening up

I am easily amused...trying to puzzle out machine translation....especially the names

Having remembered Kagome and broken the youkai transformation and returned to his senses, Inuyasha is terrified at the scent of Kagome's blood on his claws. Naraku tells Inuyasha, "Instead of protecting those women, both Kikyou and Kagome have fallen victim to your weak heart. Forget Kagome and your human heart and find joy in tearing apart your prey, this is what the Shikon no Tama wishes of you." Naraku continues. Inuyasha resumes his youkai transformation.

Sesshoumaru drives away youkai that approach Kagome. Kagome wakes up and follows after Sesshoumaru. Miroku and Sango are attacked by tentacles and separated. Sango drops Hiraikotsu, and the tentacles approach her again now that she has no way to attack. Miroku makes ready to open the Kazaana.


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