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Yesterday was a wild day.

My doc told me my last set of blood tests showed that everything was normal.  If I had walked in with those blood levels, they would  look totally non-diabetic...and I have officially lost 51 lbs.

Great news.  Next, when I got home, we find out my dog has had some type of seizure or stroke.  She's improved some; the vet said to try some steroids and wait a few days.  So we are in a wait and see situation.  She just turned 14, quite old for a golden retriever.

I decided I hated something I set up in chapter 28.  Nice thing about being so far ahead in my posting is that I can backtrack without messing up my posting schedule.  I do think I'm happier with the change.

My feet are cold, and I am in no way ready for Christmas.  Bleh.
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