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another day.....

For some reason, this has been a totally irritating day.  I'm not sure why.  Had to run a bunch of errands this afternoon and as the day went on, I just felt more and more tense/irritated.  Maybe it's because I have a lot left to do with my book reorganization (funny how the computer reorganization is turning into a library reorganization) and hubby wants to do a quick trip down to see Son in Utah (about a 300 mile trip).  Maybe it's just the time of year.  But every single noise the other people in my house make is driving me crazy....

Got about 400 words done on chapter 29.  Maybe that's driving me crazy as well; between the reorganization and running errands, I haven't gotten as much writing done this week as I wanted to.

One of those days.  But I persevere.

Odd historical tidbit.  Naming patterns during the Roman empire.  Daughters didn't have proper first names.  They'd be called by the feminine form of their father's clan name....So daughters of someone named Gaius Julius, for instance, would all be called Julia.  If there were two daughters, they would be called Julia Major and Julia Minor.  If there were more, they'd be called the Latin equivalent of Julia 1, Julia 2, Julia 3....

This kind of reminds me of  the Japanese system where men would take a name called a zokumyô that they'd be called by close friends and family when they came of was usually based on number, based on birth order, like Taro and Jiro, but at least they had childhood names before that...

Speaking of history, today I bought a too expensive but cool book called Findings: The Material Culture of Needlework and Sewing.  It's about the history of things like needles, pins, scissors, thimbles and other sewing things that have survived in the archaeological record, and what they can tell about the people who used them.  History and needlework together - one of my favorite combinations...
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