knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Dust Bunnies in the sky....

Still working on the great restructuring of KK's office space.  Moved the desk and the bookcase and got the two cute corner shelves installed
.Foxes and bunnies and bodisattvas, oh my, and a puppy.

And already filled with my critters.  8 foxes, 2 pink bunnies, a statue of Kwannon and another of Hotei, a white puppy, and two fossils.

Still don't have the new puter up, or the books back in the bookcase.  First I have to get my Inu arts put up on this wall...freshly reframed, too.

Computer was down most of today while we installed the shelves and moved the desk, so I didn't get anything written yet, but the night isn't over.  Am mostly done with chapter 28.  Today, I'll go over what I wrote last night, add some more detail, and probably start chapter 29.  Story's now over 56k, and growing...Yay!
Tags: rl

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