knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

The reorganization continues...

Tonight, maybe, just maybe, I'll have things reorganized enough to set up my new computer system.

I'm running off my slowest system, and it is not fun. 

Today, I am reframing some of my favorite art pieces by KrisCynical, and moving them to their new wall.  I look at Reunion and I Wonder If He's Lonely all day long, so you might understand some of my mindset when it comes to characterizing InuYasha.

And I got a couple of cool corner shelf pieces to hold my seven foxes, two pink bunnies, statues of Hotei and Kwannon, an ammonite, and soon to be added V for Vendetta figure with sound!  And my little animated white puppy with little pointy ears.  These are my writing mascots.  The Kitsunes know they rule...they're busy keeping an eye on Pink, but she knows she is smarter than them....

Off to Michael's in a minute for some last minute things I need to do all of this...

Chapter 28 is half finished, and much longer than when I posted last...It's going to be a fairly long chapter for me....
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