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I bet you thought I wasn't posting today, but you'd be IS still Thursday in my time zone.

So today:  I bought AVG security software for the new computer, some cool desk stuff, another copy of Photoshop Elements (it was on a good sale, and I needed to upgrade), some cool stuff for my desk, then walked into my computer room and realized I want to totally reorganize to get a better use of the space.  So the new system can't go up until I do that.  This will involve moving the desk and a book case, my collection of foxes, pink bunnies, and  two small Buddhist statues that are my writing companions, and finding a new place for my drop spindle collection, the three pieces of KrisCynical art I look at all day long (Reunion, He Might Be Lonely, and You Can Still Be Free) and one piece of non InuYasha art called the Water Dragon, and little treasures, like the pin cushion in the shape of a rose I've had since I was 12, my bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale I keep around cause I like the label's attitude, and some other little stuff.

I also bought a webcam for the first time.  Probably to use on Google+ or Skype, but maybe not much at all...I'm not much into chatting anyway.

Still on Chapter 28 of the monster story. Spent too much time today shopping and lost in the news...

And of course, here is a quiz:

My calculation indicate you are 56% geek.

You my friend are a Casual Geek. Don't think you aren't a geek because you are. You may not be as tech savvy as the Ultra Geek or the True Geek but you still know your way around Science Fiction and Fantasy. You feel out of place at places like bars because you think you could be at home leveling you Final Fantasy character or placing a winning bid on Ebay for "Adventure Island 3" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Automated Geek Test
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