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Not a lot to say, actually.  Today's been mighty quiet.  I've finished 27 chapters on my IK fic which is called A Tale of Ever After, and am now working on chapter 28.

I did get a new computer in today, a little refurbished Acer Aspire.  It's going to replace this laptop I've been using.  Laptop works fine, but it's got a slow (by today's standard) CPU.  It will continue to be my writing system, probably, but not my workhorse any more.  As it is, I have been keeping 2 laptops going, one to hit the news sites, and this one which I do LJ, dA and my fanfic related stuffs on.

And I snagged a wireless ergonomic keyboard (the only type I type on, Microsoft's ergonomic keyboard) and that came in today as well. Happy Christmas to me!  Maybe I'll get to stop cussing when the script programs on Twitter and Google+ clog my system down. 

Time to get back to writing!

But first, a quiz!

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Literature Nerd

Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac appearance? Then you fit this category perfectly! You love the power of the written word and it's eloquence; and you may like to read/write poetry or novels. You contribute to the smart people of today's society, however you can probably be overly-critical of works.

It's okay. I understand.

Artistic Nerd
Drama Nerd
Gamer/Computer Nerd
Science/Math Nerd
Social Nerd
Anime Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
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