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3 in a row! Tic-tac-toe!

When it's five in a row, I can shout out Bingo!

Well, one of the insane things I am doing now is playing with Storify.

Right now, all I'm doing with it is curating news stuffies I find interesting.  But I like the concept.  I can do a daily blog if all it is is data gathering.  My poor writing blog hasn't been touched in months. 

Other things I am doing: bought 40 lbs of onions for 9 dollars...they will last us through the winter.  We do this every winter, and store them in the garage (which never holds cars - we use it as an unheated/unairconditioned storage shed/workshop.)  They grow LOTS of onions in this part of the world, and when the harvest comes in, they are dirt cheap at the local fruit stands/farmer's markets.

Got a new recurve bow and box of arrows.  I can pull a 40 lb bow now, and  picked one up at Cabela's.

Am on chapter 26 of my fic.  Might get to chapt 27 today. It counts on how much I can stay away from the news sites. I have a rep as a serious, serious news curator lately.  I even have a few reporters who follow me on Twitter and Google+.  That blew my mind when I found out...

But now, back to the Sengoku Jidai....
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