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Today I got across the 50k mark on my nanowrimo story. I've completed 25 chapters of this monster IK fic.  It's got a lot more to go to get to the ending point I have planned, but still, feels good.  I suspect I will start dribbling it out in the near future, a couple or three chapters a week, while I keep pressing on to the end.

I picked up some sort of upper respiratory bug, though.  Feels like a feather's stuck in my nose.  Not allergies, cause the claritin didn't even touch it.  Been sneezing my head off all day.

Managed to get through Thanksgiving without messing up my blood sugar.  It is possible! Created an interesting dressing substitute, zucchini and sausage and crumbs, and this really nice dessert which is based on a quiche recipe, but sweetened and baked without a crust, just eggs, sugar free syrup, splenda,  half and half, and swiss cheese.  Boy was it good, especially served with a drizzle of sugar free chocolate syrup. Munchies were cheese and olives and small amounts of spinach dip and hummus, served on fiber rye crispbreads (one type extremely high fiber).  Made sugar free cranberry sauce, too.  And a nice low carb bread.

Broke down and ordered a wireless version of my ergonomic keyboard and a new refurbished desktop computer.  And a whole new winter wardrobe.  I don't fit anything I wore this time last year.  Those clothes are all now too big by two sizes. And I went boot crazy now that my calves are small enough again to wear regular boots, and bought three new pair to add to a few pair I already had.  So cool.

Am still doing political news a lot on my other accounts (google+, Tumblr, Twitter, sometimes facebook (I get erratic there) and now Storify) but I am kindly keeping it off LJ.  I've become quite the news curator.  But I still fail at normal blogging.  LOL.

So that's my boring life.  Pleasant, but looks not very exciting from the outside in.
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