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Oddest review comment in a long time:

You ruin the story by adding kids! Please stop!

(and the only appearance in this story was a comment that they were asleep.)

I replied:

Sorry you don't like kids, but that's my story universe. In it, they are
a married couple raising a family and the kids are part of the package.
In this story, they've been married 11 years, have two kids, one of
them 10 years old, the other about 4, and Kagome is 29. It's married
people's romance, and that involves having to deal with the fact you
have kids to dodge for those special moments.

I've got over 400 stories in this story universe. The kids are woven well into it.

So, I cannot please stop.


What is it, people thinking they can tell fanfic authors who are doing this for love, and giving it away for free, especially established ones with lots of fics, how to write their fics?
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