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Nanowrimo has taken over my life...

that and black boots.  

I love black boots. Engineering style, steampunky victorian revivals, lace up, equestrian, boots with lots of decorative straps and hardware...just all of them.

For a long time, my calves were too big to wear any but extra-wide ones, and I couldn't even wear my favorite pair of riding boots (I don't ride, but I adore riding boots).

Now my calves have fit every pair I've tried on.

Funny, how I wear sandals, though, when I write.

nearly 20 K words so far.  Hubby's been dragging me shopping, so it's been shopping writing eating writing shopping writing...LOL.

It must agree with me.  Had a blood sugar of 78 this morning.  Amazing how it's possible to write intensely without eating tons of carby snacks.
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