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Writer's Block: What Winter Means To Me

What does winter mean to you?
The bite of air on uncovered cheek,
Sunlight bouncing off of the whiteness of snow,
Gray light, endless and bleak
Time and weather circumventing where I would go,
Peaceful moments with my love at my side,
Laughter of friends gathered to share
Longing for sun so much I have cried,
Knitting socks by the fire for my dear one to wear,
Remembrances of beginnings and ends,
Standing as it snowed,watching swans in the sky
Alpenglow on the mountain as white to rose blends
Cold feet, cold heart, my life, a deep sigh.
Winter - pain and sorrow,  peace and calm,
The old year's death, the new year's balm.
Tags: poem, writer's block
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