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Oneshot: Foxed

Don't faint!  I actually wrote a fic!  Takes place about 7 years or so after Kagome's return.


Darkness and a gust of wind followed InuYasha inside as he stepped across the threshold with a load of wood in his arms.  The flames in the fire pit danced with it until he shut the door, shutting out the night.

“The wind’s picking up,” he said.

Stopping first to put the wood in its cradle within easy reach of the firepit, he went and stirred the fire up, warming his hands in its glow.

Kagome looked up from her sewing, the lamp she used casting warm highlights on her ebony hair. Smiling, she put her work down. “You were gone longer than I expected,” she said, folding a piece of red and blue cloth that was destined to be a sleep robe for her son. She deftly and carefully tucked the needle into the soft fabric.

InuYasha added some wood to the fire pit.  “Yeah. Didn’t mean to.  Walked down to the pond for a moment. Thought I saw a fox running that way. When I got there, I didn’t find any fox, but I did see an owl flying from the trees towards the house.  Even I can barely hear anything when they fly.  It pounced on something and flew off towards the village.” Adjusting the wood to his satisfaction, he got up and moved to where Kagome was sitting. “Then I was watching the sky. The air has that smell it gets before a weather change, and the clouds were really racing across the moon. I think a storm’s moving in.”  He looked around the room. “Where’s Atae?”

“He fell asleep while you were out,” she said, putting the cloth neatly into her sewing basket.  “I put him to bed.”

“Ah, little guy.  I guess my story can wait until tomorrow night.” InuYasha left his place by the fire and sat next to his wife. “Must have worn him out this afternoon. He’s getting good at catching rabbits.”

“Which is why we’re eating so much rabbit stew,” Kagome said as she put her scissors and thread up as well. “You think it’s going to snow?”

“It’s that time of the year. If not tonight, it won’t be long.”  He leaned back against the wall.  “You want to sleep out here tonight?  Wouldn’t want to wake up the little guy if he knocked out so early.”

Kagome gave him a knowing, slightly smirky smile as she stood up to put her sewing things away. “Is that all you have in mind?” She opened a cabinet and put her basket up.  He stood up and and moved behind her.

“Well now that you mention it,” he said, wrapping his arms around her, encircling her waist.

She laughed lightly as she turned to face him.  “I thought so.”

Brushing a stray lock of black hair out of her face, he cupped her face gently in his hands and kissed her lightly.  

“Your hands are still cold,” she said, although she didn’t pull away. “Must be really cold outside.”

“Yeah.”He pulled her closer. “You know how I can get them warmer?”

“I could make you some tea,” she said. “Or maybe we could get under the covers.”

“Under the covers sounds like a winner,” he replied.  He kissed her again, letting the kiss start gently, then accelerate hungrier, as they savored each other’s taste. Neither of them noticed the sliding sound at the back of the room.

“Daddy!” said an unexpected young voice.  “You’re back!”

The young boy, with silver hair and dog ears like his father ran to the two of them.  “You gonna tell me a story?”

With a sigh, and a quick peck on his wife’s lips in promise for later, InuYasha bent over and swung the boy into his arms.  “Sure, little guy. I thought you were asleep.”

“I was.  The wind woke me up.  It gonna snow?”

“Maybe,” said the hanyou.  He turned to Kagome.  “Maybe you had better make that tea.”

She smiled wryly and nodded, and moved towards the fire.  InuYasha, carrying his son, moved towards the sleep room.  “Once upon a time there was this fox.”

“What color was it?” Atae asked.

“White.  Cause it was a spirit fox.”  He carried his son into the sleeping room.  “They’re a lot nicer than wild foxes that interrupt your plans with their tricks.”

Outside, just loud enough for the hanyou to hear, a fox barked.

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