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Oneshot: One Evening in October

This is a belated giftfic for kriscynical.  Happy belated birthday!

One Evening in October

InuYasha’s mouth grazed along the warm skin along his wife’s shoulder blade.  His eyes closed, he followed his mouth and nose across her shoulder and down past her collar bone. Kagome’s scent, as always, was warm and rich, even spiced as it was by the smells that clung to her clothes - food and the scents of their children, incense and herbs.  Very little she could do would hide the smell that was just her, his comfort, his steady rock against all the darkness the world threw at him.

He kissed the hollow at the base of her neck, and she moaned.  He thought briefly of their first time, when he barely knew what to touch, much less how to touch her, and how he trembled at the magic of the moment.  Now, after years together, he knew each and every one of her special places, and she knew his, but it was still magic. She threw back her head and let the long dark tresses cascade over his hands holding her close.  Slowly he lowered her to the futon and slid between her legs.

His mouth found hers again, a slow sensuous taste of each other, tongues dancing in languid play, knowing there was no rush, and they had all the time they needed.

But when they broke apart, Kagome pulled back a moment.  “You sure it’s not the full moon?” she asked.

“Not for five more days,” he replied.  “Why?”

“You’re just so intense tonight.”  She twisted a piece of his hair around her finger.  Even in the dim light of the room, it covered her finger like silver thread.  “Any special reason?”

He took her finger and brought it to his lips.  “Maybe it’s because you’ve been so busy the last few days.  We’re always so busy this time of year. Or,” he said, as he began to plant a line of soft kissed past her ear and down her neck, “maybe it’s just because you’re so special and want to show you how much.”

Her fingers found his left ear as his mouth slid further down her chest to find the softness of her breast.  “Good answer,” she replied, and moaning once more, lost the ability to say anything more for awhile.
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