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Alive and kicking and reading...

and reading and writing.

Read some cool things.  Niven and Pournelle's Escape from Hell.  Cool.  I had read the first novel years ago, Inferno.

Stumbled over Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Saltation, devoured it, and ordered the sequel Ghost Ship and devoured that.

Dug into Mercedes Lackey's the Firebird and swallowed it in one gulp.

Was so impressed by Steve Pressfield's Gates of Fire that I went and got a copy of the Afghan Campaign, about a soldier in Alexander the Great's army fighting in Afghanistan, way back when.  Some lessons of history never seem to get learned, but it was a very good read.

David Brin's the Kiln People, which was kind of interesting, but I got to admit I got bored and jumped to the end. An SF detective story.

Robin McKindley's Spindle's End, which was, I am sorry to say, just an eh read for me at the moment.  Maybe because I'm more into a different type of story right now.  I'll save it and try to give it justice later.

Working through A Game of Thrones.  I adore some of the characters, hate others. The final scene was fascinating. 

When I read fic, I do serious volumes of it, evidently.  I'm going through nearly a book a day right now.  I'm gonna have to hit the thrift stores to keep up at this pace.

I'm also writing another story.  I seem to be creating a group of unconnected short stories all set in the same story universe.  Don't know where it's going, but it's getting fun exploring.   I think the reading, real deep reading beyond the fanfic world is helping me as well.

I'm also staying off the internet more.  It seems to up my productivity.  Now I take internet breaks instead of writing breaks!  LOL.

Well, breaktime over.  Back to work!
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