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A year ago...

It’s almost, just hours, away from my birthday as I write this.

A year ago, I was sitting and waiting for major surgery, and feeling caught between life and not life, sort of like Schrodinger’s cat.

A year later, I’ve had that surgery, which went well, and so far, seems to have done the trick, had another surgery for a torn rotator cuff, discovered I had diabetes and learned to control it fairly well, lost about 38 lbs off my post-Christmas high, and went to the Oregon coast again, which I had been trying to go to for several years. Was in physical therapy for 3 months, too. I’ve gotten well enough to start doing things again, got my blood pressure to stop spiking every time I see a doctor and behave normally, discovered I can hike again, and am wearing clothes I haven’t worn since about the time I joined dA.

Beyond that, during the course of the year, I wrote between 65-70 poems, posted 19 photos at dA, wrote and posted about 40 pieces of fanfiction, drafted a novel that needs to be revised, and have shown bits and pieces of 16 other pieces of original fic, some complete, some supposed to be parts of larger stories. There’s even more fic, not yet revealed on my computer. Plotted a story twice (although there’s a chance that they may eventually be two separate stories, or no story at all.

What have I learned this year: That rehabilitation hurts like the dickens at first, but it gets better. That I can’t use dictation software worth a darn. I still don’t like to type with my thumbs. That good friends are precious, and I am so thankful for the friends who walked me through this. That I have a wonderful, stupendous husband who held my hands through every single crisis, put up with my crabbiness, and made me always feel loved.

That this was a precious year, and I have been thankful for every day, even when I griped the whole day through.

Here’s to another year! May yours be not so traumatic as my last one, but filled with as much good.
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