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"So," says Pink my muse.  "You gotta tell her story."

"But she's supposed to be the evil magic user trying to kill the girl," I say.

"Yeah, but it's why she's trying to feed the girl to the dragon that counts," Pink replies. "What turned her from being one of the good guys into one of the bad guys.  It'll all tie in.  It's the dragon's fault, anyway."

"But...but..." I say, looking at my plot outline and summaries.  I give Pink, a 4 ft. tall, drunken anthropomorphic pink Easter bunny the evil eye.  "You sure the dragon's not paying you off for more face time?"  I grab for her ever-present bottle of booze. 

She deftly pulls it out of my reach, but the smell that I get isn't her usual sake'. It has a rich smell, that reminds me of...

Everything clicks. "Who's giving you the scotch?" I ask.

Putting it behind her, she looks at me with her red, beady eyes.  "You're imagining things.  Get to work!"

I sigh, and get back to work.  She's usually right, even if she is taking bribes.  Back to the salt mines.
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