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Drabble: Midnight Silk

A dash of midnight postmanga fluff, cause I wanted to.

Midnight Silk

InuYasha lay in bed next to his sleeping wife, not yet able to fall asleep.  It had been a hard day’s travel after a youkai extermination that was more complicated than he liked, and in some ways, he felt like he was still on the road.

But being awake at moments like these had their own compensations.  He reached out as Kagome lay there, her back towards him, and picked up a lock of her hair. It  felt like black silk spilling through his fingers. He loved the smell and the feel of it, especially at moments like this,  when it was kissed by the light of the nearly full moon that spilled through the window.   He dropped the lock he was holding and traced the outline where the light fell.

He hadn’t meant to wake her, but she rolled over, and gave him a sleepy smile. “Something wrong?” she said.  Her voice was drowsy, but not upset at being disturbed.

“No.”  He wrapped a strand of hair around his finger and let it go.  “Nothing at all.”  His hand left her hair and trailed to her shoulder.  He leaned forward, let his lips brush against hers lightly, tenderly.  “You’re here. I’m in my own bed.  How could anything be wrong?”

She reached up and cupped his cheek, running her hand through his own white silken hair.  “You spent too many days on the road this time.  I forgot what it was like to sleep next to you.”

“Tell me about it,” he said. He rested his hand over hers, and leaning forward, gave her another gentle kiss, then pulled back, smiling.

“I’d rather show you.”  Reaching her arms around his neck, she pulled him down for a kiss that was neither tender nor gentle.  “There are more important things than sleep, you know,” she said after they came up for air.

He was inclined to agree with her, and proceeded to show her how well he understood.
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