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Drabble: First Things First

 So here I am, outlining a serious epic fantasy type story, and making a little progress against my normal inertia, when Pink pops up and says, "Time for some IK fluff."  Didn't take much persuasion. Now back to the salt mines.

First Things First

InuYasha could smell the moisture on the air, invisible spray from the cascade of water ahead. “We’re almost there. I told you it wasn’t that far away from the house.”

The trail led along a small stream, one that Kagome knew came out near the village at the foot of the mountain, one they used to flood the rice paddies, but she had never trailed it up the mountain before.

“So what is it you want to show me?” she asked.

“Something special. I stumbled across it a while back, but the time was never right to bring you here,” he said. “But today’s so hot, and Atae’s at school, it seemed a good day for it. I think you might like it.”

They walked further up the path. The noise of falling water grew louder, and the ground, earlier a narrow area shrouded by trees and steep hills spread into a wide arena. At one end was the waterfall, cascading down a rock wall lush with vine maple and ferns. Below, the water collected into a small pool before running down the hillside. The sound of the water was loud, but not deafening, and the air was much cooler.

“Good place for a picnic, eh?” the hanyou said, looking at his wife with a pleased grin. “Easy place to forget about villagers and brothers and doing laundry, right?” He wrapped his arms around her. “Maybe even nice enough for more...interesting...activities.”

Kagome smiled up at him and, reaching up, kissed his chin, then broke out of his embrace. “It’s lovely.” She walked over to the edge of the pool where smooth rocks and sand lined it. “Hard to believe that little stream could make such a loud waterfall. But it’s so much cooler. Maybe next time, I’ll bring the laundry with me. This looks like a perfect place to wash.”

InuYasha pulled her back into his embrace. “No washing, woman, unless you’re washing me.”

“We’ll see. You need to get dirty first,” she said. Her eyes were mischievous, but full of promise. “And I want lunch. Want to spread the blanket?”
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