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Drabble: No Time

 So this morning, I tried hard to write some IK fluff, but nothing happened.  Instead, a bit of silly post manga InuYasha/Miroku friendship fic.  Not sure where I'd put it on my timeline, probably somewhere after 1560.  

No Time

The two travelers were returning from the local market day when the monster jumped out of nowhere blocking the path. It roared at them.

"It seems we have company," Miroku said, dropping his pack.

"I don't have time for this," InuYasha said. He carefully put his bundle to the side. "I don't know what your problem is, Ugly. Get out of the way. You're going to make me late for dinner."

"You're right on time for my dinner, hanyou," the creature said.

The youkai was skeletal, vaguely human-shaped, with long, stringy hair and grey skin. He looked famished, with sunken cheeks and stomach, but had long claws and a big club. The club crashed to the ground with surprising force, missing InuYasha as he jumped easily away.

Drawing his sword, InuYasha glared at the monster. "Last warning, asshole. Get out of the road."

The youkai laughed. "Not until you and your friend are in my belly." He began to charge.

InuYasha growled, then crashed his sword to the ground, watching as five fingers of light raced out to overwhelm the youkai and wrap him in their light. There was a loud boom, and the youkai exploded, raining down bits of flesh all around them. A chunk fell on his bundle. InuYasha walked up to it and flicked it off.

"Well, my friend," Miroku said, coming up to the hanyou. "That was quick. I'm surprised you didn't take time to enjoy a real fight."

InuYasha sheathed his sword and picked his bundle back up. "No time. Kagome's making noodles tonight, and there's no way in hell I'm being late for that."

Miroku just shook his head, said a quick sutra as they passed the remains of the ogre, and followed his friend back home.
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