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Drabble: The Bath Attendant

 Oh, some IK fluff, for the heck of it.

The Bath Attendant

In the mountains between the coast near Edo and the mountains to the north, there was a hot spring nestled in an abandoned garden. It was not known to many any more. The village that had used it was long gone, abandoned in the years of fighting between one warlord and the next, although those who once used its waters had liked it well enough to have planted the gardens and ringed the pool with a border of cut stone. On this particular night, the garden was camp for two tired travelers, returning after a visit to the old miko in a small village not far from Edo. It was not the first time they had stopped there.

InuYasha dropped an armful of wood near their fire. It was already dark, although the moon was nearly full. The flames in the fire ring lapped their red tongues on the wood already burning. The light they gave off revealed a bedroll laid out, their packs, but not his wife. His ear twitched at the sound of water sloshing, and he moved silently down the path of weedy flagstones towards the spring itself.

He watched her step out of the steaming waters. In the moonlight, the beads of water reflected the pale white light across her bosom, her shoulders. The air warm with the smell of minerals could not totally mask her scent. It wrapped around him, calling to him even as he watched. The water splashed a little as she stepped up out of the pool onto the stone walkway.

Bending over, he picked up the towel laying next to her clothes and held it up for her.

“So, you’ve turned into a bath attendant?” Kagome asked, as he draped the long length of linen around her.

“You were in the spring so long,” he said. “I was worried.” He wrapped his arms around her, trapping hers. “Have a good bath?”

“Yes, I did. Were you worried, or just impatient?” She leaned back against him.

His hands moved up from her waist to cup the heaviness of her breasts, and he bent down and kissed the side of her neck. “Don’t know. Maybe both.”

She shivered a little at the feel of his breath, and closed her eyes at his touch, but she did not pull away. “Well make up your mind, because I’m getting cold just standing here in a damp towel.”

“Cold?” He bent down and picked up her clothes. “Bet I can do something about that.” And with a wicked grin, he picked her up and carried her back to the campfire and their bed.
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