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Oneshot: Spring Snowstorm

A dash of IK, just because.

Spring Snowstorm

InuYasha struck the flint with the steel, and watched the sparks, cascading in bright streaks in the dimness of the room.  Some  landed in the tinder; these he blew on gently until they were small glowing coals.  Soon, surrounded by a handful of kindling, he had a smoking and crackling nest of flame which he placed in the hearth.  Feeding it with sticks to hold the flame, he added larger pieces, and sat back as he watched the fire lap at the wood.  Bit by bit, the fire leapt up, lighting the room.

A soft hand touched his shoulder, and a cool and damp body settled next to his, pressing against him.

He looked at Kagome, at how the light played against her cheeks and lips and painted warm highlights in her hair, still damp from where the snow had caught her. “It’ll warm up in here soon,” he said.  “We better get out of these damp clothes.”

“Funny how it wasn’t snowing in the village when we got back from the market,” Kagome said, getting up to go to the clothes chest.

“Stupid weather. That’s the way it is in the mountains,” he said, standing up and stripping off his jacket.  “You can’t trust spring any more than fall.”

“I hope the salt didn’t get wet,” Kagome said, dropping her obi and stepping out of her damp robe.  She shivered as she put on dry clothes.

“It’ll dry.  I’ll check it in the morning,” the hanyou said, unfastening his red fire rat hakama.

“What about Atae?” Kagome asked.

“Snowing too hard to go get him,” InuYasha said.  “I guess it’s just us tonight.”

“Hope he doesn’t tire out Rin,” Kagome said, handing her husband a dry kosode. “I know she’d never say anything, but...”

“My brother would,” he said, dressing in the fresh garment.  “Hand me the black hakama.  It’s too cold in here for bare legs.”

Kagome giggled, handing him the black silk garment.  “Never thought I’d see you dressing in silk just to sit around the house.”

“Feh.” He finished getting dressed.

As he fastened his clothes, she hung the damp things on pegs.  “So,” she said, hanging up the last garment, “do you want to heat up the bath water?”

He walked up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder.  “Empty house, and snowed in.  I can think of other ways to warm us up.”

Kagome turned around and kissed his chin.  “Like something hot for dinner?”

He looked at her thoughtfully.  “That too,” he said.  “I can sit here like a lord in my silk and let you serve me.”

She laughed and gave him a shove.  “Go heat up the bath water,” she said, “and I’ll start dinner.  After all, my lord, we have all evening.”

“We do, don’t we?” and giving her a quick kiss, he went off to do what she asked.
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