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Book Geekdom

I have a bookcase I keep near my writing desk that keeps stuff I've been using recently.  To show you what type of a book geek I am, this is the list of books on just one shelf:

Viking Clothing by Thor Ewing  A serious study about the cut and fabrics involved with viking era garments.

Respect the Spindle  (a book on using a drop spindle)

Myths and Legends of Japan - Davis

Odysseus Unbound by Bittlestone A big fat book about Homer's Ithaca, and how the author thinks the modern island called Ithaca wasn't Odysseus' home.

The Aegean Bronze Age -Dickenson

Ancient Textiles: Production, Craft and Society ( a very serious book about the archaeology and such of ancient textiles)

Black Thorn, White Rose (modern adult-level fairy tales)

Prehistoric Cooking by Jacqui Wood

The Trojan War by Barry Strauss

British Forts in the Age of Arthur - one of those handy Osprey books

The Celtic Twilight: Faeries and Folklore -Yeats

The Great Fairy Tale Tradition - Ziper

A Celtic Miscellany: Translations from the Celtic Literatures

The Quest of the Holy Grail

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales - Yeats

The Poetic Edda

Norse Mythology - Lindow

Visions of the Cailleach

Trades and crafts in Medieval Manuscripts

Lost Country Life - a book about the old English agricultural year.

A Glastonbury Reader - John Matthews

Scottish Place Names

The Odyssey (Fitzgerald translation)

The complete Bullfinch’s Mythology

The English Housewife - Gervase Markham (this is a reprint of an actual 17th century housekeeping book)

The Uses of Enchantment - by Bethlehem.  Another book on folk tale/fairy tales

Concepts of Arthur - Thomas Green

Women's Work - Barber

This, mind you, is the type of stuff I read for fun.  And this is just one shelf.  I have 8 full bookcases.  Now you know why I'm not quite normal....
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