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Drabble: Watching the Moon Rise

A little more novel escapage.  Wrote this last night...I guess the first drabble wasn't enough.  A bit on the smexy side.  It's the full moon, and the kids are with Sesshoumaru and Rin...

Watching the Moon Rise

They stood on the verandah, watching the moon rise over the trees.  It was full and very bright.

InuYasha wrapped his arms around her, his hands moving from Kagome’s waist upward to cup her breasts.  She leaned back against his warmth, feeling the flare of his youki wrap around her like a warm, comfortable blanket.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she said

His mouth found her neck and planted a row of kisses along it. “Yeah,” he said, after wringing a gasp from his wife. “Magical.”

As he pulled back the neckline to her kosode to give him better access to her neck and shoulder, Kagome suspected they were talking about different things.  When his fingers began to fumble at the knot in her obi, she was certain.

Smiling, she turned around to face him.  “Let’s go inside.”

His mouth, hungry and demanding, found hers. “Why?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear.  Her obi hit the floor, and he parted the layers of her robe.

She breathed deeply. “Because, you and the moon are making me melt, and I don’t want to lay on the wood here.  The futon’s already laid out.”

“Good point. Last time we did that, I got a splinter in my hand.”  With a quick kiss, he picked her up and carried her into the house.
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