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Drabble: Whiteout

A little break from my novelizing


The whiteness was overwhelming.

Kagome pulled the straw cape closer around her as the wind tried to pull it away and bowed her head to keep her hat from blowing off.  “I walk this path almost every day,” she said.  “How can I get lost?”

Snow whipped in the wind, hiding all her landmarks.

“Stupid miso.  I had to run out today.  The snow had to turn into a blizzard while I was in the shed.” 

She held the pot of miso close to her body, carefully trying to retrace her steps, but it was getting harder and harder.  The snow was filling up her footprints as she retraced them, and she couldn’t see the house. She took another step and her geta sank into a drift of snow.  Backing up, she tried another step, looking for firmer footing.

Suddenly, she was surrounded by red as her husband wrapped his arms around her.

“Going somewhere?” he asked.  Snow was already coating his shoulders and adding a fresh layer of white to his silver hair.

“Home, I think,” Kagome said.

He lifted up the edge of her conical hat.  “Only if you are going home to Sesshoumaru and Rin’s place.”

“Did I get that turned around?” She frowned. 

“Yeah, white times like this can be really tricky.  Let’s get you home.” He bent down, and she got on his back. “Glad I noticed how bad the weather got. Maybe I can do something like run a rope from the house to the sheds. Don’t want to lose you to Yuki Onna.”

“Maybe she needs a cook,” Kagome said, resting her chin on his shoulder. “You think she likes miso soup?”

“Don’t know, but she can get hers from someplace else.” With an easy grace and a sure sense of where he was going, he moved back towards their house.

Off in the distance, a woman as white as the snow sighed.
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