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Fire on the mountain....

And once again my hubby is off to be a PIO in the wilds of New Mexico...

He's going to the Track fire, near Raton, NM.

Does mean our vacation will be a little later in the year than we expected, after the 4th of July, but we hadn't made any reservations, so that's cool.

On other news, my shoulder surgeon released me from treatment yesterday, so I am now good to go...two more weeks of twice a week therapy, and even that'll be over.  And I get to go back to the gym and use the upper body equipment!  So cool.

Poetry muse seems to be doing her summer thing (i.e., only showing up rarely), but I'm working on an original piece that's still fantasy, but much snarkier than my usual attempts at epic fantasy...when I get much further along and know I'm not going to just hit a wall, I may post a bit, but right now, I'm afraid of jinxing it.  I'm not even going to name it yet.  LOL. 
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